Gouden bedrijfsleden

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Gouden bedrijfsleden



Esri BeLux N.V. is the official distributor of Esri for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The company was incorporated in May 1998, as an affiliate of Esri Inc. (USA), Eurosense and Walphot. Eurosense is probably Europe's most prominent commercial remote sensing organization, with advanced large scale mapping and geographical image production facilities. For about 10 years, Eurosense and Walphot were subdistributor of Esri GIS software. The GIS departments of Eurosense and Walphot were converted to Esri Belux, so no GIS experience was lost. The direct relation with Esri Inc. guaranties a fast and optimal support of our GIS users and provides access to the most recent developments in GIS technology.

Esri BeLux has a large experience, not only in GIS, but also in geographical data, thanks to its relation with Eurosense. The company has a multidisciplined professional staff of about 40 highly skilled employees (geographers, GIS engineers, programmers, IT specialists).