Launch of the 2007 European ICT Prize

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European ICT Prize is launched. A total of EUR 700,000 to be awarded

Apply for this year’s European ICT Prize!
A total of *700,000 to be awarded

50-70 Nominees for the European ICT Prize
20 Nominees for the European ICT Grand Prize
20 Winners, with Prizes of * 5,000 each
3 Grand Prize Winners, with Prizes of * 200,000 each

Deadline for application: 4 December 2006

In 2006, “the European Information Society Technologies Prize” changed its name to “the European Information and Communication Technologies Prize”, or “the European ICT Prize. It is the most distinguished award for innovative products and services that represent the best of European innovation in ICT.

The Prize is open to companies or organisations which have an innovative ICT product or service with a promising market potential.

The European recognition that stands behind the nomination of Nominees and Winners contributes to facilitating access to finance, markets and partnerships, and to enhancing the visibility, credibility, and the future business prospects for the company.

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